Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Introducing letter concerning my blog

Hello! Welcome to my first artistic blog!

I´m a Spanish painter and I created my own style described in Paris as the "Art Nouveau Andaluz". I exhibit internationally: New York, Florencia (Italy), Paris (France), Salzburg (Austria),...
My artworks are inspired from Spanish songs and poetry. In a dreaming atmosphere, thanks to my symbolistic figures wrapped in golden and colourful capes, I try to transmit peace, poetry, romantism and happyness...

As I told before, this is my first blog.
I´ve already got a website (,which allows me to show all the world my paintings.
Nevertheless, I would love to know what "you" think about them or to share comments about art in general with "you"...
One of my friends told me: why don´t you open a blog? This is a good way to share your tastes and points of view. So, I listen to him and open one!

I hope that if you drop down my blog, you would like to write something.

Thank you kindly!!!!!