Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2nd Presentation of my Art Nouveau Andaluz style

2nd video presentation of my Art Nouveau Andaluz style.
Spanish version

Background music "Ella" from Alejandro Sanz with David Bisbal.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Video promotion for Andalucia

I was surfing in You Tube and I found a video about Andalucia, that I love.
It´s a video promotion from Andalucia thanking the tourist people, who came to visit. I find it very beautiful!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pics session: Jose 2008

Last saturday, Jose came home with his girlfriend. I wanted him to pose for me for some pictures. He aggrees and actually, he was very happy to do so.

I thought he would be a little bit nervous, as this was his first pictures session as a model, but on the contrary, he was very confortable and love this new experience.

I think, he really looks like a guy from the 17th century, taking out from a Velazquez painting.

This is the reason why, I asked him to pose!

I really think I was true to do so and I really love some of the pictures...

If you want to check out for some more, I made a little album in my MySpace, under the name Jose noviembre 2008:

Monday, November 10, 2008

My 2 last paintings

Last week I finished 2 oil paintings/canvas, 116x89 cm size each.

The 1rst one is titled "El Lucero del Alba":
This painting represents Venus & the Sun, in front of one o the Alcazaba of Malaga door.
Venus is taking off to the Sun, its Night cape, to be able to shine and wake-up the city of Malaga.
The 2nd one is titled "La Fuente del Avellano":
Inspired by another beautiful copla, sang by Antonio Molina.
In the Acequia Patio, in the Generalife (Granada-Spain), a Hazel-Tree is drinking water from a sweet Fountain.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pictures portrait session in Castell del Rey - Spain 2008

Pictures session, that I took, 3 weeks ago, with my model Karen, in Castell del Rey-Almería (Spain). The music background is " Divine Idylle", sang by Vanessa Paradis.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Press release in Almeria Actualidad

Press release in the Spanish news paper, Almeria Actualidad - august, 18th 2008. Interview made by the journalist Jose Manuel QUESADA.

Or just go to the article link:

Sunday, August 17, 2008

New You Tube video with some of my pictures

A new video has been uploaded, titled "Girls pictures portraits in Almeria". It´s a little video of some of my girls models pictures I taken in my hometown Almeria. Then, some of my pictures inspire me then for my paintings.
The background music is a Joan Manuel Serrat song "Aquellas pequeñas cosas", sang by the Spanish singer Manu Tenorio.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Viena trip

Here is the last article that have been published about me in the Spanish newspaper titled La Voz de Almeria. I traveled with my cousin Natalia to this beautiful city and during 1 week, we visited it and enjoyed its magnifical monuments, parks, streets,...
Viena is a must seen!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Art nouveau andaluz in You Tube


Since today, you can watch a little home made video, about my art nouveau style.
Hope you´ll like it!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Interview in Almeria Actualidad newspaper

Last news: last friday, a journalist, from the Almeria Actualidad newspaper came at home to make me an interview. It´s mostly about my artistic carrier in general. As soon as the article is published, I´ll upload it in my blogs.

Also, like every summer, my familly comes to visit. I usually take pictures to use some of them for my paintings. Yesterday, i took pictures of two of my little cousins, Barbara & Alba. Barbara is used to be one of my models, but that was the first time for Alba.
I add some of the pictures:

Barbara & Alba - Summer 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008

I´m done with my last watercolor on paper, that I called : "Las alas del Sueño" (101,6 x 64,8 cm), which means, the wings of the Dream, inspired by a Spanish and romantic poet, from the 19th century, Adolfo Becquer :

Rima XXV
" Cuando en la noche te envuelve en las alas de túl del sueño y tus tendidas pestañas semejan arcos de ebano..."

It´s a kind of hug between the Night and the Dream. She lies down in the wings of the Dream. They are both in one of the rooms of the Alhambra, in Granada (Spain).
She just falls asleep in a sweet way...
Like in all of my paintings, I wanted to make a dreamy athmosphere. I painted also some water in the background, because its going on wisper, gives a quite and peaceful image...

Friday, June 6, 2008

I´ve been asked many times, if I could teach how to draw and how to paint with my art style, and I always answer, that I couldn´t. Actually, as I´m a self-taught, it´s very hard for me to teach anybody... I´m just used to paint with my feelings. Before beginning an artwork, I´ve got a main idea. Nevertheless, when I´m done, my painting usually doesn´t look like my first idea!
The only thing I can do, is to show step by step, how I paint.
I took pictures of one of my last watercolors on paper, I did for an up-coming exhibit in Malaga (Spain). I was inspired by a Miguel Hernandez poem:

-arcón donde la Luna es tul de plata-
se hecha la leda astral como una joya.

My model is the French singer and actress, Vanessa Paradis. This is not the first time I paint her. Like all my models, she is a sensitive, sweet, interesting and nice personn, that I like to portrait.

For more informations concerning Vanessa, here are two websites:

The official one(French):
and also a very nice one in Spanish:
Time to show you, step by step, the way I paint:
1rst step:

I first draw the main character. In my artworks, the most important are the characters so I always spend many hours and days on them. they are the one, who will seduce spectators...
I always began to draw with a pencil and then I do it with the watercolor.

2nd step:

I paint the face, trying to give life to it´s looking. I play with light and shadow colors and the pale color of the Moon, using blue tones.

3rd step:

Then I continue with some colors on the dress, designing the patterns that will simbolize the Moon. I also draw a mantilla, that will represent the milky way and a peineta in the hair. The golden neckless are the stars...

4th step:

I add more colors and patterns to the dress, that I surround then with golden painting. I also define the room where the Moon is walking and in the back, you can already see the Malaga´s Alcazaba .

5th step:

Here is the finished watercolour, that I called: "Tul de plata"!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Samantha & Chloé

We just went back from the airport: my little sister, Samantha & niece, Chloé, are going back to California. They spent 1 month, here with us. and they already have to go back. Time flew by...

They had quite hollydays: just thinking to go to the beach, go to eat "tapas",... and relax with the familly.

As Sam is one of my "muses", I took some pictures of her and Chloé.

I already began a watercolor called, "Las alas del Sueño" and will put it in my blog when I´m done with it.

I´ve been inspired by some Becquer´s poem:

Rima XXV
" Cuando en la noche te envuelven
las alas de túl del sueño
y tus tendidas pestañas
semejan arcos de ebano..."

In the meantime, I add some of my favorite pictures.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Akoun Art Guide

April 2008:

Just enter in the French Akoun art guide, which is the world leader in art market estimation since 1985.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Introducing letter concerning my blog

Hello! Welcome to my first artistic blog!

I´m a Spanish painter and I created my own style described in Paris as the "Art Nouveau Andaluz". I exhibit internationally: New York, Florencia (Italy), Paris (France), Salzburg (Austria),...
My artworks are inspired from Spanish songs and poetry. In a dreaming atmosphere, thanks to my symbolistic figures wrapped in golden and colourful capes, I try to transmit peace, poetry, romantism and happyness...

As I told before, this is my first blog.
I´ve already got a website (,which allows me to show all the world my paintings.
Nevertheless, I would love to know what "you" think about them or to share comments about art in general with "you"...
One of my friends told me: why don´t you open a blog? This is a good way to share your tastes and points of view. So, I listen to him and open one!

I hope that if you drop down my blog, you would like to write something.

Thank you kindly!!!!!