Sunday, November 23, 2008

Video promotion for Andalucia

I was surfing in You Tube and I found a video about Andalucia, that I love.
It´s a video promotion from Andalucia thanking the tourist people, who came to visit. I find it very beautiful!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pics session: Jose 2008

Last saturday, Jose came home with his girlfriend. I wanted him to pose for me for some pictures. He aggrees and actually, he was very happy to do so.

I thought he would be a little bit nervous, as this was his first pictures session as a model, but on the contrary, he was very confortable and love this new experience.

I think, he really looks like a guy from the 17th century, taking out from a Velazquez painting.

This is the reason why, I asked him to pose!

I really think I was true to do so and I really love some of the pictures...

If you want to check out for some more, I made a little album in my MySpace, under the name Jose noviembre 2008:

Monday, November 10, 2008

My 2 last paintings

Last week I finished 2 oil paintings/canvas, 116x89 cm size each.

The 1rst one is titled "El Lucero del Alba":
This painting represents Venus & the Sun, in front of one o the Alcazaba of Malaga door.
Venus is taking off to the Sun, its Night cape, to be able to shine and wake-up the city of Malaga.
The 2nd one is titled "La Fuente del Avellano":
Inspired by another beautiful copla, sang by Antonio Molina.
In the Acequia Patio, in the Generalife (Granada-Spain), a Hazel-Tree is drinking water from a sweet Fountain.